IT’S TIME TO THINK SPRING! Warm weather and longer days are approaching, and we are featuring “Spring Buds”, “Lemon Zest”, “Orange Sorbet”, and other citrus shades from our Natural Marmoleum Colors. These colors are based on a tone-on-tone concept that results in a warm yet authentic finish that brings natures colors indoors. With Natural Marmoleum colors, no two floors are ever the same. The random marbling processes ensure your floor is one-of-a-kind! Marmoleum is also so durable that it can be installed in commercial spaces like restaurants, schools, and retail establishments.
A recent article in our local Daily Hampshire Gazette titled, Design Recipes: Decorating with strong spring colors shares that “Citrus colors can help brighten and lighten a space to usher spring into your home. Citrus colors can include orange, green and yellow, and many shades of colors such as orange and green often have yellow undertones. Citrus colors are also often considered to be gender-neutral, so if you are looking to select universally appealing colors….citrus colors are the way to go.”
ORANGE  (Marmoleum featured color: “Orange Sorbet”)
“Orange is a happy color that can be seen as both youthful and sophisticated. Pair orange with a rich charcoal gray or black and it can serve as a gorgeous accent color in a master bedroom or living room. Conversely, pair orange with hot pink and you have the makings of a festive children’s room.” The photo we have featured from the Marmoleum Click catalog offers a perfect example of this color pairing.
YELLOW  (Marmoleum featured color: “Lemon Zest”)
“Yellow is a fun, festive color that can range from bright and bold to deep and rich. A deep mustard yellow can brighten a space just as much as a brighter shade of yellow. Yellow is one of the best choices to make a room feel bright and cheery, as well as for spaces that receive limited natural light.”
GREEN  (Marmoleum featured color: “Spring Buds”)
“Green is a color that can take a room in a number of different directions. A dark, deep green can create a warm, sophisticated look, or alternatively a bright lime can be ideal for spring. A crisp, citrus green can also pair well with other citrus colors.”
(The article we’ve included excerpts from was written by Cathy Hobbs – Tribune News Service)