Cork flooring options for our customers now includes Mendicino High-Definition Cork by Harris Cork, a renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly resource. With Mendicino, you can get the look of wood or stone with all the benefits of cork!

In addition to its beautiful appearance, here are some of the great features of Mendicino Cork Flooring:

More Comfort –   Inherent flexibility provides a unique characteristic: comfort with every step! Walking or standing on cork flooring is easy on the body and will not promote tension or fatigue like other hard surfaces.

More Warmth – Natural thermal insulation properties make cork floors very energy efficient – providing a pleasant surface temperature for feet, and an optimal floor temperature year round.

More Silence – As an extremely efficient natural sound absorber, cork provides acoustic insulation. With its 200 million air cells per cubic inch; of which 60% is air, Cork essentially acts as an “air cushion”, absorbing vibrations and direct impacts.

More Impact Resistance – Cork’s elasticity allows for adaptation to pressure – when compressed, it doesn’t lose flexibility, recovering its original shape and volume without suffering damages. This unique feature is also called “memory”. Heavy pressure does not break down or destroy the tiny air cells that are unique to cork, pressure only compresses the air within the cells. The cork begins to spring back when the pressure is removed. This resiliency allows the cork to give under pressure while still maintaining its beauty and finish.

Visit Earth First Flooring to see samples of Mendicino and other Natural Cork Flooring options.