Tile offers timeless beauty and tough durability. There’s no need to wonder which flooring is best for your home and family. Tile answers every concern and meets every challenge. Tile has no VOCs, PVCs, formaldehyde or allergens. It is durable enough to last decades. By selecting tile, you are making a strong, clean, environmentally friendly choice that increases your home’s value.

For unparalleled design flexibility and style, nothing holds a candle to tile. Tile provides seamless design throughout the home for both indoor and outdoor spaces in unlimited color and style selections that never go out of style. Tile is safe and 99.9% natural. With the lowest carbon footprint of any floor, tile is green certified and completely free of any VOCs.

Tile is virtually trouble-free flooring that offers outstanding durability and performance. With the proven durability to resist decades of heavy traffic, tile is dentproof, stainproof, scratchproof, waterproof and fire resistant. Tile is low-maintenance, and so easy to clean and maintain. Earth First Flooring & Tile installs your tile with grout that is stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, and offers superior performance.

There is more to tile than meets the eye, and you should buy the best tile your budget can afford. We welcome you to compare the quality of Earth First Flooring & Tile options to tile at a big box store. You can make a bad investment by paying labor to install a lower-quality tile that does not meet the same standards for product consistency.

Contact Earth First Flooring for a Free Measure & Estimate to consult with your local tile experts who offer decades of experience. We will find the right tile for your application, and you will appreciate the timeless beauty & tough durability our tiles offer.