One of the common requests we receive from customers is to match a hardwood flooring with the existing hardwood in their home. The accompanying photo shows a pre-finished white oak that Earth First Flooring installed in a home to match an existing hardwood flooring in the dining room. We were able to match the original wood flooring’s tone, width, and character. We installed the new flooring in the hall and living room. A prefinished hardwood has a superior, longer lasting finish, and using a prefinished hardwood also eliminates the dust and fumes associated with finishing hardwood inside of the home.

Many of our customers prefer hardwood flooring to other products, and hardwood flooring is preferred by home buyers and renters across the United States. According to HGTV the top request of home buyers and renters when looking for a home is hardwood flooring. In fact, a study of homebuyer preferences using data from the National Association of REALTORS® found that 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring. Installing hardwood flooring will cost more than installing carpet—so some homeowners opt to install hardwood only in some rooms rather than throughout their home. However, carpet typically needs to be replaced if it becomes stained or worn out. Good quality carpet can last 10-20 years, while hardwood flooring can last forever.

Hardwood flooring does add value to the home, and will often help your home sell faster, but the return on investment for installing hardwood will vary according to your market and other factors. Many of the pre-finished hardwoods we carry having a 50 year warranty on the finish, and a lifetime structural warranty. Keep your hardwood flooring looking great, year after year, with routine maintenance, and with preventative measures like having a proper mat at all entrances and using felt pads under dining room chairs to avoid surface scratches.