MADE IN AMERICA. Harris Wood has been hand crafting American hardwood flooring of exceptional quality since 1898. Through two World Wars, two recessions, man’s first flight and man on the moon… the Harris Brand has stood the true test of time. Harris Wood is also one of the most environmentally sound flooring options available. Their floors are made only from timber harvested from sustained forests that are managed through strict preservation and replenishment. We are proud to offer Harris Oak for $4.55 SF through October 31st!

ENGINEERED FOR STABILITY. Harris Wood Engineered Wood Floors can be used throughout the home on any floor level including basements, and in any room except full baths. When properly maintained, a wood floor will provide many years of use, and will retain its beauty and gain character as it ages. Harris Wood’s Engineered Floors are 5-balanced plys of hardwood, cross directional layered for added stability, much greater than a solid wood floor.  Harris Wood’s exclusive aluminum oxide enhanced FinishLoc finish is second to none, and will help your floor retain its beauty by resisting abrasion and stains protecting your floor for years to come.

ECO-FRIENDLY. The ecological benefits of real wood floors are undeniable. Harris Wood is durable, hypo-allergenic, and biodegradable. There are no toxic wastes generated during production. Hardwood floors can be refinished rather than replaced, preserving them for generations. Unlike most other material choices for flooring, wood is a natural and renewable resource, and the ultimate environmentally-friendly building material. Domestically sourced from well managed renewable, sustainable hardwood forests in the U.S.A. Hardwood forests help to support nature by cleansing the air we breathe, controlling erosion, and providing wildlife habitats! Produced using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes – 100% of the tree is used either as flooring or as fuel for our factory!

BEST INVESTMENT.  Compared to other flooring choices, engineered wood floors last a long time. Hardwood won’t wear out like carpet or become outdated like trendier products, and wood’s longevity when maintained rivals tile and stone. Add the ability to refinish if ever needed, it is easy to see wood’s true value. Ask any real estate professional about selling a home with wood versus carpet or other hard surface flooring and they will tell you that a well maintained wood floor is proven to add value every time.