Hydrocork is an impressive new product with so many features and benefits we couldn’t wait to share it with you! The innovative core board is made of composite cork with Corktech technology, and this results in a water resistant and dimensionally stable floating floor. It’s low profile (low thickness) and low telegraphing effect also make it a great choice for renovation projects.

Hydrocork also offers the quiet, warmth, and comfort we’ve come to expect from cork along with benefits that are unique to cork including:

  • Biomechanical properties – Cork reduces heel strike impacts, relieving leg and back stress
  • Acoustical properties – Cork is a natural sound absorber reducing step sound within a room and impact sound beneath
  • Thermal properties – Cork offers natural and efficient thermal insulation, providing comfort even with bare feet

We love to share our product’s Green stories with you, and cork is one of the most outstanding of all Green products, since not a single tree is cut down! Cork bark is harvested from Oak Cork trees and the bark rejuvenates. We know that a Green story is important to our customers, but for many of you this is not the only consideration, you demand products that come in great looking styles, and are relatively low maintenance. We’re happy to announce that Hydrocork meets all of your criteria!

And, there’s more good news! Hydrocork has a new compression system called PressFit for a fast and easy installation. PressFit utilizes the flexibility and compressibility of cork, functioning much like a cork stopper, to form a tight, stable seal. Check out our Products page for a  video on how to install Hydrocork, and please let us know what you think!