Our lowest price of the year is now being offered on the best new high tech, sustainable flooring product of 2016 – HydroCork Sale $4.99! We love this product for it’s beautiful designs, sustainability, and very practical attributes – it’s waterproof! Wicander’s HydroCork is backed by a lifetime residential warranty and is Greenguard Gold certified!

Here’s why HyroCork’s technology make it the best “floating” floor that money can buy:

1. Sound absorption. HydroCork reduces walking sound up to 53% compared to laminate because of the cork core material.

2. Natural thermal insulation. Cork will insulate hot or cold temperatures from the subfloor.

3. Body wellness. Cork reduces tension and fatigue. It eases heel impact, relieving strain on feet, joints, legs and back.

4. Impact resistance. Cork is the most shock absorbing of all flooring. Its elasticity and compressibility allows it to adapt to pressure.

5. Walking comfort. Cork has a much higher comfort perception than laminate, linoleum and ceramic flooring.

It is the combination of these benefits – and the fact that it’s waterproof – that makes HydroCork an incomparable flooring solution. This is a new flooring option that has already become the fastest growing product in the history of the company. Installation is also fast and easy  (see the installation video we have posted on our Green Flooring list on our website) making it a great option for DIY installations.