Here are our 5 top reasons why you should choose Marmoleum Click flooring:

It’s Easy to install – Marmoleum Click panels and squares are easy to install. With a simple tongue & groove mechanism, the panels simply “click” into place. And no glue is required, so the floor can be walked on immediately after installation. This is a wonderful product for our DIY customers, and it is far superior to any DIY product you will find at the big box stores.

It’s Warm & Comfortable – Because Marmoleum Click is a natural product, like wood, it makes your home snug and warm. It reaches room temperature quickly and is suitable to install over hydronic radiant heating systems. Marmoleum Click features a natural cork backing for quiet and comfort underfoot.

It’s Beautiful & Sustainable – Available in 23 beautiful colors of panels and squares, which gives you many options for creating an environment unique to your home and lifestyle. Get creative, and have fun designing your new floor! You can also feel good purchasing a natural, sustainable product that will look great for years to come.

It’s Easy to Clean – Thanks to Marmoleum’s natural ingredients, Marmoleum click is anti-static, so dust won’t cling to it. Keeping your floor clean and dust free is easily achieved by dust mopping and damp mopping. Low maintenance means more free time for you!

It’s Healthy & Hygienic – Because it is so easy to clean, this makes life easier for people with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. The product is also naturally bacteriostatic. Independently done lab tests show that Marmoleum Click inhibits the growth of many micro-organisms, including the MRSA strains of bacteria.

Panel Size:      Approximately 12″ x 36″      Panel Price:   $4.90/SF
Square Size:    Approximately 12″ x 12″     Square Price: $5.79/SF

Use this LINK to see all of the beautiful color options. Visit Earth First Flooring for samples.