New cork flooring styles include a gorgeous new product from Harris Cork – Mendicino High Definition Cork Flooring. The photo shown is “Belem Stone” and there are a total of eight ultra realistic wood and stone styles to choose from. While they all look great, the unseen benefits such as comfort, warmth and stability are even more impressive.

Mendicino is an engineered product that is designed to reduce moisture problems, blocking moisture and providing added stability. This is a low maintenance product that will resist swelling and warping. In addition, Mendicino cork offers all the benefits of other cork products – inviting calmness, comfort, warmth, and quietness. Cork products are also renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Durable and impact resistant, natural cork is also naturally hypo-allergenic , mold and mildew resistant, and anti-microbial / anti-bacterial. Mendicino can also be installed as a floating floor that offers ease of installation for homeowners who prefer a DIY project.

Natural cork is harvested from Quercus suber, commonly called the “cork oak”, a medium-sized, evergreen oak tree. Most of the trees are grown in Portugal. The cork bark is harvested every nine years without harming the trees which often live for more than 200 years! The photo below, shows the “cork oak” tree with cork bark being harvested. The harvesting process is performed by craftsmen with hand axes without harming the tree. What a wonderful tradition!


CORK OAK TREE (Quercus suber)

Use this link to see other styles in the Harris Cork Mendicino brochure: