Flooring Installations

Earth First Flooring offers professional flooring installations, and has a team of experienced flooring installers. We recommend professional flooring installation for all of the products we carry, and we stand behind each installation with a Lifetime Labor Guarantee!

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Marmoleum is an all natural linoleum product that can be installed with a no VOC adhesive. Marmoleum helps create a healthier indoor environment. Naturally occurring anti-microbial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria and allergen producing dust mites. It also has natural anti-static properties that repel dust and dirt! Marmoleum is very durable, and perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. With professional installation Marmoleum also offers virtually unlimited ways to create a one-of-a-kind floor for your home!

Howard Marmo kitchen        marmo install 2

Above: Marmoleum Tile (left), and Marmoleum Inlay (right) Professional Flooring Installation

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile is also best left to the experts for a great looking, long-lasting result. There are many beautiful styles of tile to choose from, and our staff can help you find the right tile and materials for your application. The tile in the bathroom (below) is installed over DITRA, an uncoupling underlayment with an open rib structure that neutralizes stress originating in the subfloor. This eliminates the major cause of cracking that can occur when a tile floor is installed without proper preparation. DITRA also provides waterproofing and vapor management since it allows moisture in the subfloor to evaporate.


Above: DITRA underlayment (left), and Porcelain Tile (right) Professional Flooring Installation